Well I think I should introduce myself first. My name is Stephen Moore and I am a citizen of England and this beautiful planet called Earth, located in the 4th belt of the Creation

Throughout my life I have loved music. From a very early age about 9 or 10 I started to like Hip Hop/Rap music and still do to this day, well the old skool groups and tunes. Public Enemy, Run DMC, Gangstarr, Cypress Hill and KRS One to name a few and I must mention Bob Marley who was a genius in his own field of music and lyrics. As I moved on up through school I got into the then Rave, Techno and House music

I got into DJ-in at about the age of 19 and with various friends we DJ at some parties. I loved it I have to admit, I was the controller of what tunes I wanted to hear and how I wanted to incorporate them together into one long session.

I started messing around with Samples on my Computer towards the end of the 1990's. I brought a Yamaha DJX keyboard from my father and had that connected up to my Computer too. The results of my messing around with Samples can be found in the page 'Samples Singles'.

Then after I had mastered putting together Samples to make one tune which ran for about 5 minutes or so I started to make Sample Mixes with the intention of making them sound like they had been mixed like if it had been a DJ. These can be found in the page 'Sample Mixes'.

Around 2003 I was not DJ-in anymore and missed the creation side of making my own mixes. I started to put tunes together on my computer using a nice piece of software called 'Cakewalk Music Creator'. These mixes are not Sample Mixes, I had stop with the Samples and was now concentrating on mixing tunes again. The first six I created was only around 30 minutes. The results can be found in the page 'Short Mixes'.

I started to create longer 60 minute mixes in 2005 and the last one I did was in 2013. These can be found in the page 'Long Mixes'.

In the early hours of New Years Day 2015 I started using a nice bit of software called Virtual DJ. I created my first mix which was 3 hours long. This software allows for mixing of 4 tracks, 4 tunes at one time. My attempt at this was good except for the rare mess up at the early stages. All these mixes can be found in the page 'Virtual Mixes'.

You are free to listen to them all.



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